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I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia to an Italian Mother and Sudanese Father, completing a Bachelors Degree in Fashion at Curtin University.


From early childhood, I've always had my hands in all forms of art. From dancing and modelling to painting and drawing. My love of fashion began from the influence of my mother and grandmother. My grandmother was a seamstress from Italy and my mum was a personal style icon. Mum would often make my clothes as a child out of her old outfits; they burst with colour and style and would be become the gateway to my self expression.

My African and Italian heritage is a consistent fuel for inspiration. The bold shapes and colours from Africa and the innovation and craftsmanship from Italy. Whether it's a dress or a print, I draw from nature to architecture, creating designs rich in culture and purpose. I would describe my aesthetic as graphic, eclectic, exuberant and bold. Often working with a kaleidoscope of colours and geometric shapes to construct fresh and functional designs. I enjoy highlighting the contrast between structured forms and organic drape, adorned with bold embellishments and accessories.

I aspire to continue innovating pieces of art that people can use to express their own personal style or just simply bring a little colour and life into their space.


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